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Dear Web Site Visitor,

Welcome to our Web site. Our privacy policy is outlined in a few simple words below, words that don't require you to have a law degree.

Simply put, your privacy is our policy. And we will do everything we can to protect your trust.

We are a software development tools company. We request your contact and profile information to market, support, update, and communicate with you about our products and services - in the most efficient manner possible.

We do not sell, rent, or give your information to any 3rd party. And we do not use your information for any purpose outside the scope of communicating with you in the most efficient manner.

We request your contact, profile, and system information so that we can route your request to the appropriate team more efficiently. We track service and support communications so that we can provide you with the highest levels of service. We will protect and manage your information the same way we protect and manage our own company's property and information.

We also email new product information, tips and tricks, training class schedules, a monthly newsletter, if available, and other related information to our current and future customers. Not all of the information we send to you may be relevant to you at a given moment. However, we go to great lengths to make sure that when we send information, it is appropriate for the vast majority of you, our customer. At any time, you may request removal of your email address and any other information from our database - we honor every request and update our database weekly.

This is just one way that we respond to your feedback. Please continue to contact us with your comments, concerns, and ideas.

Please also refer to the Legal Policy section for additional information.

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